What’s With the Latest Poll? UPDATED

Apple Juice or Orange Juice

Aly Barthelemy

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The results are in, MHS prefers Apple Juice 61% over Orange Juice 39%.  Thanks for voting, enjoy your juice.


We were having a discussion in Mr. Cunha’s CDS class about apple juice and orange juice and which do you prefer.  I prefer apple juice and those that don’t are aliens.

Eithan Bichotte says ” If you choose orange over apple juice I can’t speak to you.”

Matt Aubuchont says “I like orange juice, orange juice is better.”

So obviously this is all in fun, if you like orange juice I don’t think you are an alien but Eithan may still not talk to you.  Let us know what you think by taking the poll on the main page of The Refelctor. 

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