Is Prom Worth It?

Isabella Rogers, Writer

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According to Visa, prom spending will reach an average of $1,139 per family. Just by hearing that, you think wow, that is a lot of money all for one night. But in the long run, prom is, for most people, an amazing, memorable night that stays with you forever. However, there are many ways that you can minimize the cost of prom, and still have a great time.

   For example, instead of buying a brand new, very expensive prom dress, there is the option of either renting a dress, or purchasing an already worn dress. You can also do your own makeup, and hair to avoid an additional unnecessary cost. You should do whatever you can to be able to attend your prom because you will be missing out big time.

  I asked a few MHS seniors about their prom experience and the information I got from each was consistent. The students told me prom was a night they will never forget, they said it was special, exciting, and fun! I asked some if they thought that they would remember their high school prom 30 years from now and the answer was absolutely! I asked my parents if they remember their high school prom, and they both answered yes! They could even tell me details about it. This just goes on to show how “one night” is really a special memory you never forget.

 This topic does have its controversy, some people believe that prom is nothing more than a waste of money. They feel that all the money, stress and time is not worth a dress you wear one night, makeup you wash off in 5 hours, and overpriced hairdos that will fall out before the dance is over. This is in fact all true, however the one night this all happens is a night you won’t forget, possibly the last night with your class, and a night that essentially is what you make it!