Where Did the Photos Go?

Ryan Bedard

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What Happened to the Pictures on the Wall?  I have this question and I know many of you do as well.

If you haven’t noticed the hallway by Mrs. Pine’s classroom has become very bare and boring. The walls have been robbed of the Alumni pictures that once stood motionless in time.

After some research I have found the culprit to be one of our own Millbury Woolie, Caitlyn Wilbur. I was able to get a chance to sit down and question her about her motives. No, she is not a thief; she has good motives.  As part of her internship she is working on building an alumni page for the school website. The photos that were on the walls will now me on this site.  Alumni will be able to see the photos whether they are now living Millbury or Los Angeles .  In addition to photos the page videos will also be added to the page.  An example of this is last year’s graduating class, the class of 2017.  Their page will have a couple videos including the senior walk at the elementary schools as well as the senior video made by Cody Kennedy.

What’s next?  The plan is to put a fresh coat of paint on the walls and hang up full class photos, similar to those outside of the main office.  There are other ideas in the works for some of the other space.  I look forward to checking out the new website and seeing the new photos in the hall.

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Where Did the Photos Go?