Math Teams – Meet #1

Hunter Swanson

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The Varsity and Freshmen math teams competed in their first meet last month.

The freshmen team had their meet on October 25th.  After 1 meet Millbury is currently in 5th place with a total raw score of 23 and only 6 points away from 4th place. Millbury has 2 students individually ranked on the WOCOMAL leader-board; Sean Salaway is 95th with 7 points, and Gianna Solomon is 101st with 6.  Eighteen points are possible per person.  The next meet for the freshmen is on December 13th.

The varsity team had their 1st meet of the year on October 4th. Millbury is currently in 3rd place with a raw score of 25.  Hunter Swanson it the leading scorer on the Millbury varsity team with 9 out of 18 possible points.  The varsity team has meet #2 later this month on November 29th.

Check out all the standings and stats here:

Photo by: Mr. Pasceri (@mps_pasceri )


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