NHS Inducts 37

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NHS Inducts 37

Taylor Samuelson

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On Monday November 25th the Millbury Chapter of the National Honor Society inducted 37 juniors and seniors.  These members joined the current 36 senior members.  The following are the juniors and seniors that were inducted.  Congratulations to all.

New Inductees

Donna Mae Abayon

Isabella Bertrand

Joseph Bien

Riley Clark

Lily Daher

Olivia Dana

Perry Drugan

Hanna Flamand

Ryan Foley

Brevin Frankel

Louisa Girard

Keegan Gleason

Rebecca Goyette

Alexandra Hermans

Lauren Kelly

Sean Kelly

Maxwell Kolifrath

Hannah Leary

Matthew Lorion

Michael Mazzilli

Kathryn Mimo

Keely Perry

Allison Pine

Rosalie Powers

Alexis Roccanti

Nina Romeo

Joshua Saunders

Anthony Scano

Benjamin Smith

Isabel Sousa

Kayla Turner

Kelsey Turner

Marissa Vaillancourt

Colby Watkins

Cameron Wilbur

Anthony Wilson

Connor Winston


All current and new NHS members.


NHS Member Photos by Mrs. Pine