Willy Wonka Auditions

Taylor Samuelson, Featured Writer

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This year the Millbury Jr./Sr. Drama Club will be putting on a performance of Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka! Auditions will be on January 8th and January 9th, running approximately 2:10pm-5:30pm on both days.

On January 8th, Auditions will run from 2:10pm-4:45pm. After that, select students will be asked to stay and conduct readings for specific characters until around 5:30pm.

On January 9th, Auditions will run from 2:10pm-4:45pm, again, having select students stay to conduct readings until around 5:30pm.

Please sign up for an audition slot at the link below including a personal email if you would like to have a reminder sent to you. Auditions will be held in the auditorium and each actor will have 5 minutes for their audition. Students who are waiting for their turn will be able to wait in the band room. If you have any questions, please ask Ms. Smarra.

Good luck and break a leg!