What Type of Candy is the Best?

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What Type of Candy is the Best?

Mike Borowski, Writer

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In a recent 7th grade poll involving 60 students, students were asked to pick their favorite type of candy, sweet or sour.

Most of us enjoy candy, and for us candy-lovers, Halloween is like paradise! Free candy? Wearing costumes? Hanging out with friends? What is there not to like?

Though there is always that argument that arises one way or another. Which kind of candy is this best? Nerds, Milky ways, Sour Patch kids,  all good choices, but which one is the BEST. Well technically, it’s all up to opinions, but let’s compare opinions!

In a recent 7th grade poll, 60 students were asked which kind of candy they prefer, sweet, or sour. For a quick reminder, sweet would be chocolate, and other flavored candies that didn’t have a bitter, or sour taste. Sour would be pretty much everything else.

Sweet acquired around 53% of the votes, while sour acquired 47% of the votes. Making sugar the winner by only a couple votes, so it appears the 7th grade is pretty even on their candy choices. “I like sour candies, but I definitely would prefer sweet right now” commented one student. “Sour’s stupid” another said. “Sweet is cool, but sour is the OG (original)” said another, discussing another’s opinion.

What was fascinating about the survey was that early in the morning, most opinions swayed toward sweet, but as the day progressed, sour votes became almost equal to sweet. Whether this was because most people would like chocolate in the morning, or that sour, sugary candy would be a great boost for the day is up to you!

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