Summer Movies Shine

Zachary Graves, Staff Writer

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Millbury-This summer Movies in the United States and around the world reigned in money and was a very successful summer for many big movie companies.

This summer was the fifth largest summertime movie season of all time. It hit a $4.385 billion domestically. It is a step up from last year which hit a 12 year low.

This summer was lead by Disney which released seven movies and was able to bring in 1.47 billion dollars overall. They were lead by movies such as The Incredibles 2, Avengers Infinity War and Ant-Man and the Wasp. Incredibles 2 led with the most money $602.5 million domestically  and while Avengers Infinity War did still made and Impressive $678.8 million domestically it did not come close to Incredibles 2.

Universal Pictures finished second this summer releasing eight movies and making domestically a total of $727.5 Million dollars. Sequels like Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again led the way for the studio.Both movies could not match but still made an impressive performance with Jurassic World bringing in $415.2 million and Mamma Mia! bringing in $118 million dollars. They also had success with smaller movies like The First Purge and Gabrielle Union’s Breaking In.

Finally third on the list is Warner Bros $224 million domestically. Movies like Crazy Rich Asians, The Meg, and Oceans 8 helped the studio enjoy the summer. The Meg and Crazy Rich Asians combined have brought in $100 million and Oceans 8 helping bring in $139.2 million.

It’s good to note that each studios success will not drop off in the coming months. Each studio has something good people are looking forward to. Disney’s got Ralph Breaks the Internet, Universals got The Grinch, and Warner Bros has got Aquaman coming out so most likely more good movies to look forward to and also most likely more success for each studio.