Senior Year

Zoey Dean

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Millbury – The ending of another school year is in full force, here at Millbury Jr./Sr. High, and this will bring a variety of difficult decisions and challenges particularly regarding the Senior class. Graduating will be full of many mixed emotions.

One of the heftiest things that most students have already accomplished is applying and getting accepted into colleges. Each individual is different, so deciding where you want to go for the next four years, two years, or the workforce can be a bit intimidating. In English class they learn how to construct college essays, and with the help of the Guidance department they apply for scholarships, and acquire letters of recommendation.

Even though attempting to understand what you want to do with your life is a major part of the year, so is learning how to enjoy it. The Seniors are offered privileges. They have the option to come into school at 8:14, and they also have the option to sit in the courtyard for lunch time. There are also an abundance of things to do during the school year, specifically geared towards Seniors; Senior awards night for sports, Senior class trip, Senior semi, Senior scholarship night, and so much more.

The bottom line is, Senior year is an important year for almost all students. It’s the year that you become friends with people you never talked to before. It’s the year that you finally understand what everyone means when they say “Time will fly before you know it”. It is the year that will make you understand that you are finally almost an adult.

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