Four Years… How Could They Go So Fast?

Sandie Carrignan

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It’s freshmen year, you’re 15 and you’re hoping that that guy is going to ask you to the dance. You think it’s prom night but you’re actually crammed in half the gym dressed  in all white while dancing to “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift. Finally sophomore year rolls around and you aren’t the babies anymore… now don’t get me wrong you’re still not the big shots here but at least you aren’t the Freshmen. The only good thing about sophomore year is you know you have a good chance of coming in at least 3rd in Winter Carnival. Also, you’ll pay $100 for a ring that you only wear for a month and then lose. It’s junior year now, upperclassman but, still not seniors. The dreading year of SATs, starting to tour colleges, trying to figure out what you want to do with your life. You’ll spend over $500 for 3 hours on prom night, you’ll go through the emotional stage of watching your senior friends leave and then see the empty hallway that once used to be filled with them. The time has come, it’s finally your turn, time for you to be the focus. Senior year. The year of an emotional roller coaster. Realizing that mostly everything you do will be a last. It’s the beginning of the end. You get all the privileges, eating outside, skipping CDS, winning Winter Carnival… oh wait, nvm. It’s all nearing to an end, graduation is soon, people are deciding on colleges, all the kids you grew up with all are going separate ways. “High school goes by fast, make the most of it.” Sound familiar? That’s the famous line everyone just ignores when said, the line that everyone thinks ‘four years, how could that go by fast?’ Well just like that in the blink of an eye four years turned into three months.

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