We Need Some Sun for Spring Sports

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Some day we will be able to go outside and enjoy spring sporting event, but for now we have to keep waiting. This spring weather has not been friendly to the spring sports.  Baseball and Softball games were supposed to begin this week but with no luck.  The games at Sutton has been rescheduled to April 12th and the home opener has been rescheduled to May 29th.  Looking forward at the weather there looks to be more postponements in the near future. More snow is forecasted for the end of the week but it will melt quickly, however, it’s the multiple days of rain that has been making things tricky.  

All the rain and late season snow has made many fields not ready to play.  Fields can not drain fast enough making them a mini swamp or unsafe for the players.  Each postponement tightens up the schedule with more games per week.  For the baseball team this can be taxing on a pitching staff with the rest time required for pitchers.

Varsity track has their first meet on April 11th so hopefully the rain forecasted for next week is not a hindrance.

All the teams are hoping for sun so they can get out of the halls and gyms and practice on their fields and track and get their games and meets underway


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We Need Some Sun for Spring Sports