NBA Power Rankings Week 1

Basketball Guys

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Welcome to the first article by the “Basketball Guys”, Tim Cunningham, Tim Dunne, Jack Ezold, and Zack Smith.  Throughout the NBA season we are going to give you some insight into our “brilliant” basketball minds.  Every week or so we will be giving you a “fast break article” just a little something on our minds, no long analysis here just our thoughts.  This week we are going to start off with our Week 1 Power Rankings.  Oh how things have changes in the NBA over the first 2 days.  The Celtics would have been a top team and now they can’t crack our top 10.  Agree or disagree we hope you enjoy our articles and leave us comments.

Week #1 Power Rankings

1 – Houston Rockets

2- Cleveland Caveliers

3 – San Antonio Spurs

4- Golden State Warriors

5-Milwaukee Bucks

6- OKC Thunder

7- Washington Wizards

8- Minnesota Timberwolves

9- Portland Trail Blazers

10- Memphis Grizzlies


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