Lady Woolies to Gain Another SWCL Title?

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Lady Woolies to Gain Another SWCL Title?

Rowan Luff, Staff Reporter

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Millbury, MA- The girl’s Cross Country team at Millbury High School has had a productive few seasons, but will they finally succeed in beating their Uxbridge rivals and win their league meet?

The Millbury Cross Country team has undergone several changes this 2018 season, including getting a new coach and a new course. The coach replacing their former coach, Mr. Digangi, is Coach Williams, and the Cross Country course is now located at Shaw middle school.

The new course is roughly 2.8 miles, and includes a portion of the infamous Shaw hill, as well as another steeper hill that runs between Shaw and Elmwood. Both the girls and boys teams have reported that the new course is very challenging and difficult, which will inevitably give them an advantage over their opponents. Members of the teams are also still adjusting to the new coaching style provided by Coach Williams, but are confident that her expertise will help the team to grow as athletes and individuals.

The first meet of the season was located at Oxford High School, and included teams from Oxford, Bartlett, and Millbury. Despite the heat, Millbury girls came out on top, with times ranging from 20:16 to 26:51. The team is confident that they will win again at their first home meet on Wednesday the 12th against David Prouty and Southbridge.

Some notable athletes this season include Annabelle Nelson, Jena Taubert, and Ally Pogorek. Annabelle is in tenth grade this year, and is the top runner on the girl’s team. She is followed by Jena and Ally, who are both in eleventh grade. These three runners are Millbury’s best shot at winning the championship title, and having another undefeated season.

While times and titles are important, the most noticeable attribute of the girl’s cross country team is the camaraderie and friendship that exists between them. Captains Emma Taubert, Hope Cantwell, and Rowan Luff have worked hard to ensure that the past traditions of the team remain alive, despite the recent changes that have occured. From hosting pasta parties to wearing matching ribbons and socks to their meets, this team has shown just how important unity and support is, even in such an individual and competitive setting.

While the future is always uncertain, the athletes of Millbury’s Girls Cross Country team have proven time and time again their loyalty to each other as well as their shared goal. If they are able to maintain their drive, it is the opinion of this author that they will achieve victory this season.

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