Patriots Dynasty and TB 12

Relive the 2018 Patriots season or learn how TB12 stays at the top of his game

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Patriots Dynasty and TB 12

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Looking for something new to read, check out the new books in the MHS library.  If you are a Tom Brady or Patriots sports fan there are a couple new books to check out.

“Dynasty” looks back over the past year’s Patriots run for a 6th Super Bowl.  There are highlights from the season as well the playoff run.  As one of the reviewers said “Super Bowl championships never get old”; there are over 100 photos from the season that help you relive the 2018 Championship journey.

“TB12 Method” is Tom Bradys 1st book and a New York Times #1 best seller.  This book details Brady’s approach to how he has maintained his longevity in the sport.  He discusses his fitness routine, what he eats, recovery, and other aspects of his life that help him maintain his elite play.

“Tom Brady, the New England Patriots’ successful and durable quarterback, has a new book. It is entitled The TB12 Method: How to Achieve a Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance, and it is large and handsome. . . . The book’s tone is humble and encouraging. . . . Most important, the book provides useful photographic and textual instructions for dozens of body-weight resistance training exercises, many done with resistance bands.”
The New York Times

Both of these books are available to check out of the MHS library.  Stop by and see what else is new!


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