Are You Distracted By Technology?

Cameron Wilbur, Writer

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Many students spend more time using technology than they do studying or doing their school work. This is very distracting and makes it harder for them to get their work done.

Students spend so much time on technology whether they’re playing video games or on social media, it’s distracting them from their school work. This is taking their attention from them so they’re unfocused on what they need to do. Having students focus somewhere other than their work will make them not get what they need done.

This can also cause students to have a shorter attention span. By not doing homework and playing games on your phone could cause students to have a harder time focusing in class.

Being too focused on other things instead of doing work you need to do causes kids behavior to be worse.  They won’t be able to focus in classes and they could become distracting to other students or the teacher.

Some people might say technology is sometimes needed so people can look things up which is a good point. Sometime kids need to find something online which is okay but maybe ask an adult for help if needed so you can stay focused. Some teachers could give more class time on computers to do school work because because it’s harder to get distracted sitting in a classroom than sitting at home with television and phones being there.

Technology can be distracting which causes you to not get much work done and make it harder to focus on class. Students behavior also can get worse. Keep technology away as you try to get work done so you can stay focused.