73-9 or 72-10

Darien Collins, Writer

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The 1996 Chicago Bulls are one of the greatest teams ever, so are the 2016 Golden State Warriors. Since these teams played 20 years apart, there is no way to truly know what team is better. But to start off, the Bulls won the championship in 1996 when they set the record for most wins with 72. The Warriors who broke that record 20 years later with 73 wins also set another record as the first team to blow a three to one lead in the NBA Finals. Also while the Warriors had arguably the greatest shooter ever with Stephen Curry, the Bulls had arguably the greatest player ever in Michael Jordan.

Another reason the Bulls are the better team is because they played in a more physical era. They played where you could get smacked in the face and not get fouled while the Warriors played in an era where as long as it looked like someone touched you, you will get the call. So someone like Michael Jordan who averaged 37.1 points per game(5th most ever) while getting hit would have a field day scoring where he isn’t allowed to be touched. Also the Bulls shot 40%  from the three point line vs the Warriors 41% so, the Warriors wouldn’t have an advantage there where they had an advantage against other teams. In the 90s players would play a lot more minutes than players today so the Warriors would get tired easily since they would have to play more to keep up with the Bulls.

In 1996 the Bulls won the championship which helps make the team look better. But in 2016 the Warriors blew a 3-1 lead which is a record since they are the first team to ever blow a 3-1 lead in the NBA finals. If the Warriors were the best team ever they would’ve won the championship, but since they lost they weren’t even the best team in the league let alone all time.

Someone might say the Warriors are a better team since they had a better sixth man and arguably a better bench. And in the 2015 finals, the bench helped because they slowed down the starters but, this is different because the Bulls played more minutes than the Warriors so if slowed down they would only get even and it wouldn’t be an advantage for the Warriors. But there is no true way of knowing, they played in different generations 20 years apart where the rules were different and so were the players. There are reasons why both teams would win in a seven game series and no one will ever truly know.