Live Flea or Buy… What is this place?

Ryan Bedard

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Do you ever drive by Brierly Pond in West Millbury, or go to H&H Dance studio and look up towards the road and see a sign that says Live Flea or Buy? Have you ever wondered what is inside? Well I have. Through Millbury Memorial Jr/Sr High Schools Internship program I am able to do more than just look inside; I am able to help out around the shop. When you enter the door it feels like you are in the old mill sitting vacant and set back from modern day society. But once you walk through the two wooden doors marked with a Live Flea or Buy sign and a friendly Open sign the mill is transformed into a lively building with amazing antique pieces ranging from micros to large furniture. You always get a friendly greeting from the owner himself Bryan Jackson Jr. Also, if you come in at the right times you may encounter a friendly vendor and/or myself willing to help you find the right thing you are looking for. So if you love antiques or if you are looking for a handcrafted piece of furniture come check out Live Flea or Buy at 175 West Main Street Millbury, MA.  These photos are a few of the newer items to arrive at the shop, a coin dispenser and scrimshaw duck. 


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Live Flea or Buy… What is this place?