A Goodbye to Mr. Ferreira


Hunter Swanson

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The Millbury Music program has always been one of the most frustrating programs to be a part of. Sometimes, we just aren’t too great at playing our parts. Others, there are too many places for everyone to be, so after school practices get cancelled all too frequently. This isn’t like those times. This is nearly Earth-shattering.

The community in our several bands was one of extreme joy and goofiness. We all felt that we could be ourselves in a way that we normally can’t do. The band was a safe place, where we could do anything we wanted without fear of others ostracizing us. Of course, none of this would have been possible without Mr. Ferreira. He understood what made us laugh, and he understood how to get us to work. Perhaps we annoyed him from time to time, but he was always tolerant and knew we would pull through in the end. That’s what made him so special.

In July, Mr. Ferreira will move to Texas. The new year will start with a new music teacher, with the odds stacked against them. After all, change is one of the most difficult things for humans to cope with.

The Millbury Concert Band, Jazz Band, Marching Band, Percussion Ensemble, and Chorus would all like to wish Mr. Ferreira success in his future endeavors. He was always the highlight of our day, the teacher of the class we looked forward to the most, and most of all, a great friend who would do anything for those he cared about. We hope that we have the opportunity to see him again, and recognize that not a single eye will be dry on the last day of school this year.

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